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Fix8 Systems is Australia’s leading supplier of suspension and display materials. We have the most versatile range of quality cabling, suspension and display products designed and manufactured to the highest of quality standards for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Fix8's qualified staff offer comprehensive product descriptions and advice on the best solutions to suit display and suspension requirements.

Unlike other sites you can always free free to pick up the phone and call us (on 1300 00 FIX8) and we'll be happy to help.

Latest news


Artrack - Our Suspension Track Solutions Explained

Wondering whether Arrack is the right product for you? Give this a read and allow us to prove why it is the answer you're looking for.

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Manly Art Colab

Manly Art Colab uses the Artrack range from Fix8 Systems throughout their amazing gallery.

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PR 50 Installed

We show off some of the beautiful photos we took at a client's house who installed our PR50 rails into the ceiling.

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