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Art Hub Manly


Art Hub Manly installed Artrack Hanging Systems throughout their modern studio office to display their beautiful and unique artwork. Their office is a big open studio which allows for good amount of room to display art to uplift the look of the office. 

Our Slimline hanging system completed the modern with its slim profile. The aluminium track is easy to install and can be cut down to size to fit into the available space. 

Our slimmer "SLIMLINE RANGE":

This range was designed for residential and office uses with the aim of the track to fit underneath the Cornice and gives the track a neat and tidy finished look.
The track can hold up to 15 Kgs per metre and comes in 4 colours: White (Pearl semi gloss), Ceiling White (Matt finish), Off White (Etch primer finish) and Annodised Silver.
The range comes in 2m lengths accross all of the available colours which the exception to the Ceiling White colour rail which is also available in a 2m and 3m length.

Within our Slimline range we offer two types of hanging sets which are as follows:
- Nylon Hanging Set: This set includes a 1.5m Nylon Cable and a Slimline hook which can hold up to 10 Kgs.
- Stainless Steel Hanging Set: This set includes a 2m Stainless Steel Cable and a Slimline Hook which holds up to 15 Kgs.

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