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Suspension Solutions for Exhibitions


Blum Australia was trading at the Awisa Exhibition earlier this month and used our products for advertising needs throughout their stand. 
Fix8 Systems has a wide range of products that can be doubled-up for various purposes. If you are not sure of the items you need to suit your application, give us a call and we can suggest products one can combine to suit your application. 

Below is a rundown of the products Blum Australia used to suit their advertising needs: 

Display Holders for products up tp 6mm thick, code: 193006155                                                              
Stainless Steel cable 3m Sleeve 13, code: 295313300 TN 
Ceiling Attachment M10X1 M6i, code: 029006012

Screw Cap M10x1, code: 029006011



The photos above represent the combination of products brought together as a set to suspend signage.


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