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Yagoona Community Centre


Our Customer, Manning Daly Art, ran a huge project where they had to install one of their art pieces to the ceiling of the foyer in the Yagoona Community Centre. We had the privelage to work with them on this project and installed the ceiling attachments which the piece would be suspended off of. 

We supplied the Ceiling Attachments and cables for the art piece which, as you can see, is a delicate and beautiful creation. 

The positioning of each attachment has to be carefully planned out on a computer diagram which helped us to determine and ensure maximum weight support of the piece once it was fully suspended.

The products used in the project are:

Ceiling attachments M8X1 029006031
Screw Cap for Ceiling Attachment  029006030
Stainless Steel Cable 1.2mm Sleeve 13 295313200
Sloped Ceiling Coupler Small Ball Joint 193000177
Cable Glider Type 15 M10X14A 193000156


 Our team of installers worked tirelessly to get this beautiful piece up in the air and secure before they could move all safety supports underneath the piece. 

The Cable Glider Type 15 in combination with the Stainless Steel cable, has a safe working load of 20kgs which means this art piece will stay secure in the air without any problems. 






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