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Learn about how we grew to the business we are today.

In the 2000's

Fix8 Systems originally started as Reutlinger Australia. In 2003 a research project was completed on the feasibility of bringing in the German manufactured cable grippers into Australia by Michael Freeman and Christopher Wright. The new concept of fastening cable ropes was well received by the lighting industry and the company was incorporated in February 2004. However with the close proximity to Asia, pre-dominantly the now out of patent products were copied by Chinese manufacturers and supplied directly to the manufacturers in Australia. We were forced to look at other revenue streams to build the business.

In 2006 the opportunity to supply one of the retail products, Artrack, to the retailer Bunnings was too good an opportunity to turn down, and 20 line items were supplied through the retail behemoth. In 2008 we opened an art gallery in Freshwater to display local art and show off in a retail setting. This gave us a base for supporting the local community with 108 shows displaying locally made art and sculptures. A zoning dispute with the Warringah Council shut down the site and despite having the support of the community, councillors and the Mayor Michael Reagen, we had no choice but to move. We are now located at unit 47 / 49 – 51 Mitchell Road, Brookvale where we currently have a factory and showroom.

Some (but not all) of the industries we supply.

Into the 2010's

In 2012 we supplied the Masters retail chain of stores for the Woolworths Group. Though doomed to fail it gave us 5 great years of promoting the artrack products and extending our company to include an extended range of standard picture hanging products.

In 2013 we opened our office in New Zealand and we have continued to supply the product to the NZ market through the Bunnings stores. We offer installation and supply out of Henderson Auckland. Please check fix8.co.nz or fix8.co.nz for more information.

Into the Future

Fix8 formally took over the Reutlinger business name in 2012 and we now supply a range including 3000 line items of high quality suspension products.

With growth came staff and we are proud to have been involved with Ostara providing placement for people with medical and psychological conditions and returning them to the workforce. Our company grew very fast. We resisted completing an online shop instead focusing on supporting our retailer and meeting our customers face to face. We could only resist for so long and in 2014 the website artrack.com.au was launched and now accounts for over half our revenue.

Now with the re-launch of fix8.com.au we welcome you to our new webpage and hope you can find what you are looking for.