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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General advice & precautions

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    Secure against dangerous motion in case of even partial failure.

    No suspension of persons.

    The user of the cable holder must take reliable safety precautions.

  • On what surfaces can artrack be fitted?

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    Artrack can be fitted on plasterboard, concrete and cavity brick surfaces. But please ensure that you use plasterboard screws when installing in plaster, and wall plugs in cavity brick and concrete.

  • Should I use 1 or 2 cables for hanging a picture?

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    Depends on the aesthetic or practical look you are trying to achieve. One cable gives a minimalist look. With very wide paintings you will need two cables. With light canvases one would be sufficient. Our recommendation for safety is to use at least two grippers per object.

  • How long does artrack take to install?

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    Artrack takes 10 minutes per meter in plasterboard walls and 15 minutes per meter in cavity brick or concrete.

  • How do the picture mounts work?

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    Picture mounts are for the suspending of canvases and picture boards where there is no D shackle or string to hang the picture up. Picture mounts screw directly into the picture or canvas and are then easily hung on the artrack system.

  • How does the artrack stay on the wall?

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    Artrack uses a series of holding track plates (made of galvanized steel) that are fixed using fasteners. These are pre-drilled in a horizontal line and are spaced 600mm apart. For example a 3m length has clips at 50mm, 600mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm & 2950mm. Likewise a 2m length has clips spaced at 50mm 700mm 1400mm and 1950mm. Once these are in place the artrack is placed over the top lip of the holding track plates and clipped on.

  • When would I use a track connector?

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    Track connector are used for running long lengths of artrack. Specifically joining 2 x 3m lengths or ordering 2 x 6m lengths and having these on one wall. Track connectors fit into the rear section of the track. They are made of very strong plastic and make for a strong and seamless transition between the artrack joins.

  • How much can each cable hang?

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    The artrack range has a series of hangers. Light, Medium and Heavy Duty. The light can take up to 10kgs. Medium and heavy up to 25kgs. Please view the product descriptions to confirm the capacity when purchasing artrack. Heavier cables are available through special order.

  • Can I install the system myself?

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    Yes artrack is very easy to install. Artrack also has professional tradesmen who can complete the job should you wish to have this done.

  • Remarks and advice

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    Artrack cable grippers are not suitable for outdoor use.

    All cables must be free from dirt, oils and rust

    The designed use of cable grippers is for static, resting loads only.

    To assure the highest possible saftey of suspended items, Artrack recommends the use of at least two holders per object.