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Qedom Office Fitout


Jonathan's fitout had a distinct brief. He had two big pictures to hang with only a very small space. He also had the old school 90mm cornice. The idea was to fit the artrack rail flush to the cornice to achieve a seamless look. Being part of a co-working space in Manly Johnathan had to get permission from the owner who was more than happy with the result. The offwhite rail which matched his walls and included 4 heavy duty stainless hanging sets. 

Products used 2m Slimline Off-White and 3m Off-White. Hanging sets are Stainless Steel 7x7 Heavy Duty. Paintings weigh over 25 kilos. Contact Fix8 for these premium range of heavy duty cables.

3m lengths are available in limited ranges. Contact Fix8 for more details. 

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