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Sydney Opera House Gallery


Underground Gallery at the Sydney Opera House

Fix8 Systems recently supplied all the components to fit out the Underground Gallery at the Sydney Opera House. 9 Hours Underground owned by Wilson Parking is the brainchild of Artesian4. It has been kept secret for 23 years, and now a man-made cave hidden underneath the Sydney Opera House will be open to the public for the very first time.

The dark space is the backdrop for the work of 13 top artists for the "9 Hours Underground Show" that opens tonight. Guests to the exclusive event, hosted by Artesian4, will be given security pass codes on their mobile phones to gain entry. They will then walk along a 200m sandstone tunnel that winds underneath the Royal Botanic Gardens. According to the show's curator Kate Smith, a "state-of-the-art hanging system and lighting" has been installed.

When we first viewed this space to do an exhibition, there were pipes over the ground, there was broken electrical cords and it was so dark and so dangerous. Each piece of work is inspired by the unique underground cave.

Fix8 used Ceiling track but that had to be suspended due to the curved nature of the tunnels. The tracks were tensioned to the floor and the artwork suspended.


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